Year of The Tiger

Year of The Tiger is a 108 pages photographic memoir printed on risograph, a search for memory and being. It consists of images created in recent years before and during pandemic, and interweaves two personal journeys that form an intimate dialogue between different times and spaces at this watershed moment we are facing globally.

In my homeland China, its rapid transition from communist past to hypercapitalist present has been put into a halt, with the coming future unrevealing. Have not the opportunity to be there in the past few years, those captured images changed their faces completely in my memory, but now they manage to exist in a myriad of representations on paper. Meanwhile at present day Mexico, on three separate trips I happen to witness the turbulence of individuals' life which are also documented on camera with the backdrop of pandemic shadow.

The book portrays multitudes of cinematic sceneries with glimpse into mundane daily life of various beings in shared urban spaces, mirroring daily life as primal contact with surrounding physical environment, as well constituting the relation between present days and the fluid of past times.

I, as the spectator, transitioning both corporeally and inwardly between the so-called old and new world, inquiring through my personal journey the constant change (and progress)in the past and present that coexist in Year of The Tiger.

Printed @ Taller XD, Mexico City, April 2023.