Filmmaker, Visual Anthropologist

Selected Films

Memory Void (2019)
as director, camera, producer and editor

Embarked on a short trip to Taiwan, Memory Void explores sensory experience through tangible memories from personal stories that are told and retold, realised by an evening spent with recording stories told by three friends from Taipei. The imagery creates a nostalgic relationship between told memories and their apposite reclaimed spaces, sound and image recording are to capture what is missing, narrative becomes the most appropriate method to interpret ways humans experience the world.

Commissioned for the 2nd edition of Loom Festival, premieres in Barcelona, 04 May.
Official Selection KLEX 2019 (Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival, Malaysia)

26. (2018)

As director, producer.
This film is about 26 year old refugee living in Berlin.
Into The Wild (2018)
As editor
Directors Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Pauline Doutreluingne
Short film of on going project for The Informale in Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Perla Hero, Argentina, curated by Lutz Henke
A Handful of Dust (2020)
as cinematographer, editor.
Departing from the so-called “Ehrenhalle” (Hall of Honour), built between 1938 and 1941 as a “Temple of the Fatherland” at the site of the Lilienthalstraße cemetery in Berlin-Neukölln, A Handful of Dust deals with the topic of fear within historical socio-political contexts. The invention of social fear has always been a reliable tool in the process of gaining power and occupies the core of National Socialist structures and its colonial history.
A Fallible Girl (2013)
As Assistant Editor

Lifei, decides to set up a mushroom farm in the desert between Dubai and Abu Dhabi with her best friend. It's been hard earned cash for these two in working in Dubai, now they are ready to go clean, become business women. Life quickly gets tough for the girls, and whereas her best friend is quick to return to her former life, Lifei is resolute. She has to manage a team of workers from Bangladesh, find investors and keep growing and delivering mushrooms throughout Dubai. Just as she gets a grip on the matter, and gains some control over her life, personal tragedy pushes her to return to China. The only problem is she is unable to leave until she pays back the mounting debt she has got herself into.

MELE (2014)
As director, producer and editor
Inspired by film noir, MELE is a thriller shot and edited within one evening at a remount village in the south of Italy. As part of awarded short films from Cinema da Mare residency, the film was showcased during 71st Venice Film Festival.
As director, producer and editor.

As part of awarded short films from Cinema da Mare residency, the film was showcased during 71st Venice Film Festival.
Time After Time (2020)
As director, producer, camera and editor.

Time after time is a diary film, a search for time and being. It interweaves two personal stories that form a that form an intimate dialogue between different times and spaces. Both Berlin and Beijing, in their rapid transition from communist past to hypercapitalist present, changed their faces completely and now exist in a myriad of representations in collective as well as personal memory.

Selected by SIEF2021 (The International Society for Ethnology and Folklore) , Helsinki, Finland

《拉姆阿拉的3分钟》/ 3min In Ramallah (2014)
As director, producer, camera and editor.

This experimental film was shot with mobile camera, added with some found footage documenting a normal day of life for residents of the West Bank commuting between Jerusalem and Ramallah. Without any statement, the film uses distorted images as well as a poem from renowned poet Mahmoud Darwish, In Her Absence I Created Her Image, to deliberately show the daily routine of endless struggle.